NEW BOOK—NECESSARY WORDS FOR WRITERS-What do those agents and editors mean?

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My newest book is out. Available on (look for NECESSARY WORDS FOR WRITERS or Donna Lee Anderson.) It’s a book for those writer’s wanting to know what is meant by the special vocabulary of the publishing world. This book is not a dictionary but more of a one-on-one, writer-to-writer discussion of words such as ARC and all the way to Zap Fiction. And please, readers, let me know how you like it. donna


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Happy almost Summer…or late Spring or what ever the weather is today.
I’m happily ediitng my upcomeing book…more later about this project…and enjoying our hot tub. Life is generally good here. How is it there? donna


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Can’t believe it is Spring and although the weather is not really echoing this season yet (typical for the Seattle area), I’m ready to put away the Winter clothes and get into the Spring/Summer stuff. Too soon you say, yes but I’ll be ready.
Lost a few pounds this winter (yes, on purpose) and hoping to do double this amount. (Okay I’ll tell you—lost 19.4 lbs.) Then I’ll have to buy new clothes (darn.)
The other thing that is on my mind is to start sending out queries and proposals for my writing. Wish me luck. d

Writer’s Digest Conference—-

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I have a chance to receive a free admission to the Writer’s Digest writer’s conference in San Francisco.  This would be a great boost to getting my writing/books published. Hoping you will all keep a good thought for me to win and if you have any pull anywhere…please use it for me. If I go, I’ll tell you all about it here and on Facebook and probably you’ll hear me yelling THANK YOU POWERS THAT BE for this opportunity.  IF…this happens, I’ll know by Feb 10. Here’s wishing (a lot.)

Happy New Year and do you have big Plans?

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New resolve to get my books published—-and a plan to get this done. Planning is a big part of good luck happening, don’t you think?    My book about the THURSDAY LADIES BRIDGE CLUB is going through re-writes now so hoping to get it done before March 1. Plan A. Stand by for updates.

Little Boston Library Classes

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Last session of our 4 week group Beginning Fiction classes was on Saturday. I loved working with all these potential new fiction writers and I have to say most of them are more than beginners, they just didn’t know it. Good stories started, planned and plotted—can’t wait to see the finished product. Good job everyone. Looking forward to our next adventure together.  (Maybe in January?)


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If you have an intrest in writing…look at these new classes I will present starting in Sept.

Beginning Fiction Writing—You have a story in mind, now let’s put it down on paper. Little Boston Library

Memoir Writing-Hansville Store  

Let me know if you need more details or want to sign up.  d

Family and writing

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Just attended a funeral of a dear family member and one of my relatives asked if I would put her in one of my books.  That made me realize that a lot of my relatives are in there already. A great Aunt that had outlandish red hair (by request) and was married more than five times (and this was in the days of no-one-gets-a-divorce…70 yrs ago), and an uncle that whittled and whistled is in another. Writer’s usually pull characters from people they already know and sometimes we combine two or three people to make one character do just what the story-line needs. After that remark I looked around and made mental notes. I haven’t seen some of these cousins or their spouses for some time (they live in a different city) but one cousin is now grown up and married to a handsome guy that haid the unfortunate characterist of winking his eye to make a point. (I’m going to use that.) Another cousin had gained at least 200 lbs and his wife has lost at least 50. I immediately thought of Jack Sprat (could eat no fat and his wife could eat no lean–only in reverse.)  So in answer to the question—stand by for the next book—if you’re a relative, you just might find yourself joining the characters-in-donna’s-books. (And they have fun.)

Just entered a contest you might like too

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I entered my THURSDAY LADIES BRIDGE CLUB book—Check it out on Writer’s Digest—for Literary fiction—send the first 150-200 words. Now that’s looking for a hook if I ever saw one, huh?  Let me know if you enter too.  Also check out the blog for agents—good info here. d

Lucky agent contest

HAPPY 2011

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2011 Already????

Is it jus tme or is time speeding up?  Just last week it was the th of July then Labor Day and already it’s the new year. I guess busy is the reason for speed seasons. (Yes I made that up.) I have big plans for this new year and I hope you do too. I have books to publish, classes to teach, friends to see, classed take and…well, who knows what other things will happen to take up this year. Stand by for updates.

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